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  • DEI


    Is your company following best DEI practices? To test, compare your Peep employees with this official Peep color chart. If your results are anything like this, you are clearly doing an awful job of respecting the diversity of Peeps.

  • Melting Peeps

    Melting Peeps

    The Peeps commission a climate study each year, to project when global warming will irretrievably melt them. This year’s report is a horrifying glimpse of their grim future.

  • Metro derailments

    Metro derailments

    The Peeps remain distressed that Metro fails to solve its derailment problem – but then the Peeps come up with a brilliant solution. Their most valiant members lay down on the rails, knowing that their stickiness will make all trains firmly adhere to the tracks.

  • Peepcoin scam

    Peepcoin scam

    The Peeps are desperately in debt from their foolish cryptocurrency investments – but then they realize that they can create their own Peepcoin by merely changing the “B” of Bitcoin to their signature “P” and start profiting from a new scam.

  • Stuck Peep

    Stuck Peep

    The Peep ship EverGreen has been stuck in the Suez bathtub for several days, causing a crisis for the paper boats that need to get through before they disintegrate

  • Handmaid Peeps

    Handmaid Peeps

    The producers are furious when they discover that all of the Handmaid scenes they shot in D.C. are worthless because a Peep snuck on to the set.

  • National Enquirer

    National Enquirer

    BREAKING NEWS – AMI has put the National Enquirer up for sale, and the Peeps are terrified that damaging stories about them will come out of the vault.

  • Opening day at Nationals Stadium

    Opening day at Nationals Stadium

    Failing to get opening day tickets for today’s Nats game, the Peeps figured out how to sneak in last night by jamming the entry gates. The guard stared in horror when she saw what they had done, but was powerless to stop such determined fans.

  • Irish Peep

    Irish Peep

    The O’Peeps are a small but vibrant branch of the Peep family tree, showing their colors on St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Hangman


    In which the Peeps demonstrate how abysmally stupid they are at playing Hangman.

  • Little Red Riding Peep

    Little Red Riding Peep

    In which the Peep realizes she has made a grave miscalculation.

  • Escalator Peep

    Escalator Peep

    In which he is delighted that he has finally learned how to ride the Dupont Circle escalator without getting smushed between the stair treads.