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Category: difficult lives

  • Eclipse


    The Peeps are staring up at the eclipse when all of a sudden they start to panic – realizing that the eclipse glasses weren’t made to fit them.

  • The Peeps are not okay

    The Peeps are not okay

    Each year our scientists update their predictions of when the climate crisis will cause all the Peeps to melt. It is dire!

  • Barbie


    The Peep wants so badly to be in the Barbie movie but can’t get svelte enough to fit in the clothes.

  • Ozempic


    The one sad Peep whose insurance plan doesn’t cover Ozempic.

  • AI Peeps

    AI Peeps

    The Peeps have been experimenting with AI – but then the AI produced such a frightening image that the real-life Peeps fainted when they saw it. Are their days numbered?

  • Peep weights

    Peep weights

    The Peeps have gotten out of shape during the pandemic, so they ordered a set of weights. But after they color-coordinated themselves, they have no idea what to do next.

  • Studying STEMs

    Studying STEMs

    The girl Peeps keep getting told how important it is to study STEMs, but nobody warns them of the danger of being impaled on them.

  • Getting back to the gym

    Getting back to the gym

    The Peeps have realized that they’ve been total couch potatoes during the pandemic. Resolved to get back into shape, they go to the gym for the first time in two years, only to realize that they can no longer lift even the lightest weights.

  • The Peeps try Wordle

    The Peeps try Wordle

    The Peeps have come out of hibernation only to discover that there’s a new game called Wordle that challenges the limits of their intelligence.

  • National Easter Basket Day

    National Easter Basket Day

    In an unfortunate coincidence, this year Peeps Week begins on National Easter Basket Day. The Peeps have chained themselves together to try to avoid getting picked off one by one.

  • Unisex Peeps

    Unisex Peeps

    The Peeps, being unisex, have great difficulty figuring out the proper way to mate.

  • Seder Peeps

    Seder Peeps

    Fearing a certain death if they ended up in the Easter basket, the Peeps contemplate hiding out on the Seder plate.