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Category: coronavirus

  • Getting back in shape

    Getting back in shape

    The Peep decided he needed to start getting into shape so he went to an outdoor spinning class – but to his horror, he found out that he’d gained so many ounces during the pandemic that he no longer fit into a regular-sized bike like the rest of the class participants.

  • Staycation


    The Peeps, having sensibly realized it is too unsafe to travel during the pandemic, have just bought a pool for their backyard. But they aren’t yet experienced at their new outdoor life – the Peep children have gotten bloated from staying too long in the water, and the Peep parents have gotten a nasty sunburn.

  • Vaccine priority

    Vaccine priority

    The Peep stands sadly watching the inequities of vaccine distribution and all the vaccine line-jumpers posting celebratory photos. (and he further knows that his turn will come last, after the doctors figure out how to administer the vaccine to someone with no arms, and in fact not even any muscles for an intramuscular injection).

  • The clothing dilemma

    The clothing dilemma

    The Peep has been looking forward to a post-pandemic life. But she didn’t realize how many ounces she gained during the shut-down, and when she tried on all her pretty dresses, she sadly realized that she can only fit into her baggy old school uniform.

  • Mask Mandate

    Mask Mandate

    The Peep is trying to enjoy the cherry blossoms but is consumed with worry about whether he is violating the no-mask policy, even though he has neither a nose nor a mouth to cover up.

  • Couch Peeptato

    Couch Peeptato

    It’s Day 1 of Peeps Week 2021 but the Peeps have been glued to the couch since the pandemic began, and unfortunately don’t know if they will be able to get up and participate this year.

  • Working from home

    Working from home

    The Peeps are getting used to working from home, except for the enormous difficulty they have getting high enough to be seen by the laptop’s camera during video conferencing.

  • Fashion Masks

    Fashion Masks

    The Peeps are using their platform as fashion influencers to promote the worldwide use of masks, as they launch their new line of Glitz Masks customizable for unique facial features.

  • Housebound


    The Peeps while housebound have decided to clean up their place, suddenly realizing that it had been a long time since they had swept behind the couch.

  • PPE Manufacture

    PPE Manufacture

    The Peeps are ramping up the manufacturing of PPE for their heroic doctors, but are having trouble with the fit so decide to sew it directly on

  • Quarantine


    The Peeps are following the advice to Netflix & chill, but are finding the ice cubes wickedly cold.



    On Day 2 of Peeps Week, the Peeps are trying to follow the edict to WASH YOUR HANDS when to their horror, they realize for the first time that they don’t have any hands.