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  • Obama and the Peep

    Obama and the Peep

    The Peep went to see the new Obama portrait today, but was frustrated by the long line to take selfies. But then, the Peep’s few brain cells had a brilliant idea – camouflage himself in vines and no one will be able to spot him and he can hide in the photo forever next to…

  • Putin and the Mutant Peeps

    Putin and the Mutant Peeps

    A bombshell revelation from WikiLeaks: Many years ago, Putin released a hoard of mutant peeps into the U.S., hoping that one of them someday would become Peepident. (credit for Putin photo: Kremlin.ru)

  • Circus Peeps

    Circus Peeps

    As Ringling Brothers makes its farewell appearance in D.C., the Peeps are frantically trying to develop an alternative circus – although their mortality rate on the high wire is still quite excessive.

  • Kusama Peep

    Kusama Peep

    It’s impossible to get tickets to the Kusama exhibit, so the Peep sneaks in.

  • Sick Peep

    Sick Peep

    Mr. Peep is terrified to find out that Obamacare may be repealed. He faces many more rounds of expensive treatment – will he be covered?



    The Peeps have started their year of defiance with joining the protest bravely hanging 270 feet above D.C.

  • Candidate Peep

    Candidate Peep

    As a third-party candidate, the Peep knew that success depended on having a single-focus popular platform.

  • Protesting Peeps

    Protesting Peeps

    The Peeps regard it as their civic duty to protest in front of the Supreme Court, but their brains are slightly too small to remember the specifics of their cause.

  • Seder Peeps

    Seder Peeps

    Fearing a certain death if they ended up in the Easter basket, the Peeps contemplate hiding out on the Seder plate.

  • Dinner Peep

    Dinner Peep

    If only they had paid more attention in French class, they would have understood the meaning of Lapin a la Bourguignonne in time.

  • Peepline protest

    Peepline protest

    In front of the White House

  • The Scream

    The Scream