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  • AI Peeps

    AI Peeps

    The Peeps have been experimenting with AI – but then the AI produced such a frightening image that the real-life Peeps fainted when they saw it. Are their days numbered?

  • Melting Peeps

    Melting Peeps

    The Peeps commission a climate study each year, to project when global warming will irretrievably melt them. This year’s report is a horrifying glimpse of their grim future.

  • Supreme Court investigation

    Supreme Court investigation

    Frustrated that the Supreme Court stopped looking for who leaked Justice Alito’s brief overturning Roe, the Peeps are going behind the scene to do their own investigation (could it turn out to be Ginni Thomas? Stay tuned.)

  • Peep weights

    Peep weights

    The Peeps have gotten out of shape during the pandemic, so they ordered a set of weights. But after they color-coordinated themselves, they have no idea what to do next.

  • Banned books

    Banned books

    The Peeps have rescued the one last copy of this banned book in Florida and are fiercely guarding it. Even though they don’t have enough brains to learn how to read, they know what is important.

  • The ex-Peepident

    The ex-Peepident

    The ex-Peepident meets his new cellmate.

  • Climate crisis

    Climate crisis

    the Peeps are pleading with you to pay attention to the climate crisis. Only the heartless will ignore these projections of how the Peeps will melt as the temperature increases in future years.

  • Metro derailments

    Metro derailments

    The Peeps remain distressed that Metro fails to solve its derailment problem – but then the Peeps come up with a brilliant solution. Their most valiant members lay down on the rails, knowing that their stickiness will make all trains firmly adhere to the tracks.

  • Studying STEMs

    Studying STEMs

    The girl Peeps keep getting told how important it is to study STEMs, but nobody warns them of the danger of being impaled on them.

  • New Justice!

    New Justice!

    The Peeps are joyous that a fourth female Peep will be joining the Supreme Court bench, as the ghost of Justice Ruth Peepder Ginsburg watches over them.

  • Peepcoin scam

    Peepcoin scam

    The Peeps are desperately in debt from their foolish cryptocurrency investments – but then they realize that they can create their own Peepcoin by merely changing the “B” of Bitcoin to their signature “P” and start profiting from a new scam.

  • Getting back to the gym

    Getting back to the gym

    The Peeps have realized that they’ve been total couch potatoes during the pandemic. Resolved to get back into shape, they go to the gym for the first time in two years, only to realize that they can no longer lift even the lightest weights.