where all the interesting Peeps hang out

  • Eclipse


    The Peeps are staring up at the eclipse when all of a sudden they start to panic – realizing that the eclipse glasses weren’t made to fit them.

  • DEI


    Is your company following best DEI practices? To test, compare your Peep employees with this official Peep color chart. If your results are anything like this, you are clearly doing an awful job of respecting the diversity of Peeps.

  • Seizure?


    The Peeps are closely following the news about whether Trump’s bond will be valid – and are already lined up to help take over Trump Tower when the building is turned over to the Peeple of New York.

  • The Peeps are not okay

    The Peeps are not okay

    Each year our scientists update their predictions of when the climate crisis will cause all the Peeps to melt. It is dire!

  • Barbie


    The Peep wants so badly to be in the Barbie movie but can’t get svelte enough to fit in the clothes.

  • Legal trouble

    Legal trouble

    The ex-Peepident is having nightmares where he is surrounded by Letitia James.

  • Ozempic


    The one sad Peep whose insurance plan doesn’t cover Ozempic.

  • AI Peeps

    AI Peeps

    The Peeps have been experimenting with AI – but then the AI produced such a frightening image that the real-life Peeps fainted when they saw it. Are their days numbered?

  • Melting Peeps

    Melting Peeps

    The Peeps commission a climate study each year, to project when global warming will irretrievably melt them. This year’s report is a horrifying glimpse of their grim future.

  • Supreme Court investigation

    Supreme Court investigation

    Frustrated that the Supreme Court stopped looking for who leaked Justice Alito’s brief overturning Roe, the Peeps are going behind the scene to do their own investigation (could it turn out to be Ginni Thomas? Stay tuned.)

  • Peep weights

    Peep weights

    The Peeps have gotten out of shape during the pandemic, so they ordered a set of weights. But after they color-coordinated themselves, they have no idea what to do next.

  • Banned books

    Banned books

    The Peeps have rescued the one last copy of this banned book in Florida and are fiercely guarding it. Even though they don’t have enough brains to learn how to read, they know what is important.